Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yay! a new post!

Life of a college student is never dull. And that's why I haven't update in 5 days. But enough of that, here's the actual update... I'm taking some crazy classes, and here's what's been going on.

Philosophy: We had our midterm today (at 8 AM, mind you), and I felt pretty confident with the definitions we had to learn, and one of the two essays he'd provided to us to study from. So, I get to class around 7:30 (to prep ahead of time). Come class time, our professor wrote down 7 terms for us to define, then he decided to mess with our minds for what essay we had to write. I was hoping he'd choose essay 2 for us to write (considering I wrote a practice essay of that one). He decided to let us choose what essay we wrote, so I was very happy. I think I did really well. Yay! :)

Design 2-D: Turned in our *fun* assignments today, and he liked mine. Prof. assigned a new assignment in which we have to use all 6 primary and secondary colors (red, yellow, blue; orange, green, purple) and different values and tones of black and white... should be interesting... :)

English: We started The Glass Menagerie the other day, and we're also writing an essay about our dream vacation. Hmmm. I should probably make an appointment with the Writing Center so I can my two bonus points for the paper. Hehe.

First Year Seminar: Haven't had the class yet this week (I will at 2 PM today), but we're just getting our Strong Interest Inventory reports back. Should be neat to see what it says (I'll keep you posted).

Painting: Sometimes I can't stand this class. Sometimes I can. Yesterday, we painted a model for 1/2 hour, and then for the rest of class, we painted our dominant hand with our less-dominant hand. Yay for paintings that look like a kindergardener's! :D

History of Western Civ: I recorded yesterday's lecture with my Mac, and everybody thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Hooray for small miracles. Now I just need to take notes from it.

So, that's what been happening. Nothing fun... yet. That will hopefully change. :)

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