Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can you believe it? 2 updates in one week!

My history test went really well (I'm thinking mid-A range), so I'm happy about that. Test took me 1/2 hour of the hour and 15 minute class. Hehe!

Painting was meh today. I used tape again, but it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Prof. gave me some pointers. I guess if I had more paint it would help. At least I had Audra's iPod to keep me entertained.

I'm still working on taking notes for my philosophy essay that's due in 8 days. I think it will be good, and if he doesn't like it, I can always do it again.

I'm making my newest design project after I post this, and it should be fun. I also need to continue working on my final project for that class.


Other stuff...

My friend on Facebook posted this contest link, and it looks pretty awesome. Here's all the info you need, and how to enter, and pics of the loot! (http://www.modishblog.com/modish/2008/11/the-november-gi.html?cid=138766628#comment-138766628)

NUMB3RS is new on Friday, and I can't wait. Season 5 is pretty awesome so far. Penn Jillette was on last week's episode, and in this week's, Charlie, Don, and Larry are going surfing.

That's really I can think of to write...

Until next time,

Monday, November 10, 2008

a quick post before resuming studying

Quick update of life since October 22...

School is still school:
  • Talked about Frosty the Snowman, the Energizer Bunny, and the soul the other day in philosophy, which leads me to believe that a freshman shouldn't have to take the class at 8 AM....
  • Design is the same old, same old. I made my little book with Audra's help. Now I just have to do all of the drawings. Ugh.
  • English class... we're just comparing/contrasting Chekhov's story "The Lady with the Dog" and Oates' "The Lady with the Pet Dog" ... at least I think those are the right author/title matches.
  • Painting was actually fun for once. I had music (thanks to Audra) and I tape-painted. I think I might do that from now on...
  • History test tomorrow! Yay?

Other stuff going on...
  • Only a few more weeks of classes, then finals, and then A WHOLE MONTH OFF FOR CHRISTMAS! Yay!!! :D
  • Scheduling classes is on Friday! I can't wait! :)
  • Philosophy essay due on the 19th... yick.
  • Art project probably due December 2nd.
I think that's it... oh, yeah, and G is selling hats. Email me for more info if you're interested.

Til next time,
me :p